Is the AI on the way to take over the Graphic Designer job?

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing humans in the workforce is a hot topic. But, one area that has yet to be explored in depth is whether AI will replace Graphic Designers and other Creative Professionals. With advances in machine learning and computer vision technology, it’s certainly possible that AI could eventually take overContinue reading “Is the AI on the way to take over the Graphic Designer job?”

What’s next?!

Honestly, I just can’t follow all those bullocks anymore. For me it looks like all the propaganda is falling. Everything is more and more visible. The ‘elites’ not hiding it anymore. Those buffons are so self-assured, ignorant, arrogant and so proud of their plans they don’t even see that people actually hate them. They firstContinue reading “What’s next?!”

WEF and Covid-19

Following my ongoing research what is happening around the world I went to the World Economic Forum page. There are plenty interesting documents and agendas. Digging around the files I found the statement in Global Governance section. (link below the statement) ”Global governance is a means to manage issues that cut across national borders –Continue reading “WEF and Covid-19”

”New World Religion”

I write and changed this post few times already. Can’t decide what should I write about as the situation is changing every day and my mind is galloping like a wild animal. Why am I even bothered what is going on around the world? The entire world gone mad and more I research the moreContinue reading “”New World Religion””

A joke

I start to think that te government is taking a piss of people. They choose the 11 November (Remembrance Day) to sack the care homes staff and now they are planning to sack out the NHS staff on 1st April (Fools Day). What is in their minds? Joking at people?! Or maybe the government isContinue reading “A joke”

déjà vu

I guess everybody knows what deja vu is but to those who does not know it it is a feeling of experiencing situation which already happened in past. Before you read I have to warn you this one post is completely biased and I do not care if you do not agree with me. TheyContinue reading “déjà vu”

Are we really sustainable?

I started to ask this question myself when I get little bit deeper into it while working on my project. I was working on the college project for RSA competition last year when I realised that the word sustainable doesn’t apply just for environment. It applies to us as well. We are the part ofContinue reading “Are we really sustainable?”