déjà vu

I guess everybody knows what deja vu is but to those who does not know it it is a feeling of experiencing situation which already happened in past. Before you read I have to warn you this one post is completely biased and I do not care if you do not agree with me. They are my feelings I have to vent out.

I really don’t wanted to get into this discussion but I think nobody should be quiet. We should not be silenced for the sake of politic and politicians idea of being a head of the totalitarian country and new world order as they call it constantly. The 1.5 year ago I started having a deja vu feeling and since then I keep dreaming and can’t wake up from the deeper and deeper nightmare.

I grew up under the last 18 years of communism and year ago I started talking to people around me that I see communism or fascism coming. They laughed at me and called me tin hat, conspiracy theorist, flat earther etc. You all know that. The thing is I grew up under regime and have seen and experienced first hand how the propaganda looks like and I can smell it from miles away. Coercion, threats, bombarding people with only one right narrative, no dialog, censorship, arrests while peaceful demonstrations, spraying and gassing peaceful protesters, adjusting the legislations and changing definitions for the government’s benefits instead of people’s, braking the basic human rights. They are the tools of totalitarian governors. They are the tools of the dictatorship.

I can’t believe that I have to go through that again in the country which was perceived as a country of freedom where people can decide what they want to do with their life and body. The country which respected people’s autonomy. And I can’t believe that this psychosis go around the world, especially in the developed countries. And honestly – this situation scares me as hell. Why we let them do it? For the sake of what? Travel? Pub? Fill in whatever you like. What kind of future we build to our children and grandchildren?

However, I can understand that people from western countries couldn’t see what is coming because they never experienced oppression from their governments and forces used by politics to make people comply. I am so glad that they can’t control social media as much as they wish and we can see what is going on around the world in different countries and I have to admit that the worst situations are in countries where people never been under regime before. The governments from post-communist countries are struggling to apply mandates because people still remember how the authoritarianism works. People from post-communist countries started warning the west countries what is coming year ago. They of course had been ridiculed and called names not only by common citizens but by the official figures which divided people even more than before. At this point I started to think a little bit more what is happening and start to follow all the narratives.

In my opinion everybody should have a choice and follow their own believes. Not coerced, forced or blackmailed as it is happening now. This is causing my resistance and makes me angry. The politicians divides people as never before. We are divided by believes, race, pro or anti vax, economy etc. I have never seen people so divided like now especially in so peaceful time since WWII. We should not let the politicians or people who benefits from conflicts to divide us. We should stick together because only in group we are strong.

I have to admit that the governments are really good in manipulation. They trick us by using fear and bombarding us with every day news about deaths. But really it is that bad? Few days ago I checked some article in very popular magazine I personally don’t like but I know that many people in UK read it and actually I have done the maths and turned them ino the percentages and you know what? More people dies every day out of HIV, Flu, Cancer and other diseases. Why we don’t hear about them? Why we are not bombarded about these figures? This is how we are manipulated. The number looks more impressive than percentage. But to check it you don’t need to be Einstein. You can use on-line calculator, just find the number of population and check how much percent is each number from the population of each country. It doesn’t look like pandemia to me.

I stopped watching TV in May 2020. It made me sick to my stomach the amount of propaganda about C….19 at that time and still can’t watch it. It was very good decision because I could concentrate more on my studying, work and gardening. However I do my research in my free time. I am fed up with people telling others that they can’t have opinion because they are not scientist. You don’t need to be a scientist to have an opinion. It is enough if you can read and look into information on both sites. I am doing mine. I go into the government pages, medical pages etc and read. Read about benefits and side effects but not just what is on these sites. I go to check each ingredient of each vaxine and you know what? I am scare to take it. The side effects I found out are these ones I already experience from my osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, fibroid, varicose veins and I recently had an anaemia. I feel like shite every single day for the last 10-15 years. Took me about 4 years of my own research to cure myself because doctors said there is no treatment for these conditions. I have to learn to live with pain and other not nice things going through my body every day. To get to the point I am now in the point that I can function almost normally, not being stuck to bed took as I said about 4 years. 4 years of experimenting with food, supplements, spending money on privet physio therapies, health suite in leisure centres and gym.

Now I am told to get something that have a potential to make my health worse and honestly almost all the side effects of some ingredients used in each of these vaxes I experienced and still experience every day almost half of my life without this so called new genetic medication (maybe it is effect of my childhood vaccines?). Why there is so hard push for this? It was never done before even through the proper pandemics. I just can’t believe that people are forced to take it despite of their conditions, believes, having antibodies and many other reasons. I do not agree whit that.

How it comes that rich people get richer during pandemic when many small businesses didn’t survive. If people can’t see this is very wrong then we are living in Matrix. The reality of two paralleled worlds and I am afraid that this is the time where we will be defined and divided by the one unnecessary little barcode or QR code. The fantasy become reality. And you know? Even under communism we could laugh out and make a comedy based on our reality, propaganda and political situation. What is happening now is very dangerous because now you can’t make a joke and not being accused of rasizm, conspiracy theorist or anti vaxer. Where is the line? Where is the dialogue? I am afraid they are nowhere nearby.

You can’t make a joke about current situation in social media because you will be ”fact checked” and content will be blocked or removed. Who are the fact checkers? They are people like us who most of the time don’t even have the basic knowledge of biology and they dare to ”check” people who have a huge knowledge and are scientists in many different backgrounds. I experienced this situation few times and I am like any other normal bread eater as we are saying in Poland. This is really wrong if we can’t laugh about the current situation or about our shortcomings or after our differences. If the government is attacking comedians, you can be assured this is going very wrong and is getting us closer to the countries where oppression is the norm. Do we really want this? I wonder what Orwell would say now. I guess he would write another bestseller.

I will leave you now here. Hope you are OK and you will keep in mind that now we need to support each other as never before and do not let the politic figures divide us.

Love to all of you.

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