A joke

I start to think that te government is taking a piss of people. They choose the 11 November (Remembrance Day) to sack the care homes staff and now they are planning to sack out the NHS staff on 1st April (Fools Day). What is in their minds? Joking at people?!

Or maybe the government is thinking about the other historical events? Maybe the discovery of Pompey buried in 79Ad? That doesn’t look good neither.

I am thinking how politicians communicate to people. Is this really the way to communicate? By fear? Unless they want the conflict they should not use the war language in the health crisis. It should be informative, not weaponising and leave the decision to people. Why vaccinated people are afraid of unvaccinated? Because politicians said so. They use the science to weaponise the language. The science says otherwise than what the politicians do. The funny thing is the politicians are saying something opposite what the scientists are saying and because they have better control of main stream media and social media the politicians are more successful than scientists. The scientists have no time to be on media and the politicians have all the PR staff they are more successful in communication to citizens.

I grew up under communism and unfortunately I have irresistible impression of getting back to the past. Now I live in UK since 2009 and the last two years scare me as hell and because of that I will not keep my mouth (keyboard) shut.

Now is the time as never before people have to stick together. The governments around the world try to divide us keeping us apart and making fight each other. They say: Stay at Home, Wear Mask, Don’t Talk to Your Neighbours, Report Them, Hate Them. I am saying: NO!! I am not going to do this. I don’t like some of my neighbours but I am not going to report them because they don’t wear the mask or they mingle with others. I am happy to see that they don’t give up their family or friends and I hope they have strong enough chains which will not divide them because the government want it.

I am happy that people around the world can see the politicians’ wrong doings. I am disappointed with people who survived the communism and fascism and they follow the government narrative. I am so disappointed that after the WWII, holocaust and communism there are still people who think the socialism is a cure for everything. I can understand that countries who never experienced the totalitarian regime are trying to solve their problems this way but I can’t understand that the history didn’t teach them anything. It’s better to learn on someone else mistakes that their own.

I hope that my worries are just worries and nothing bad will happen. I do not agree with any extremism. I like balance in life but what is going now around the world I don’t like. I don’t like especially governments fighting with their own people. It makes me wanting to run away as far as I can but there is nowhere to run and hide. Unfortunately this ‘hate others’ epidemic took over the entire world. At least this is my impression.

I can’t stop thinking about Orwell’s literature and his 1984 I can call ‘prediction’ and Animal Farm. Especially Animal Farm when the animals didn’t even notice the slight changes in rules or they were too lazy or too ignorant to voice their concerns about changes. It is happening now. Are we really these animals who let the sneaky pigs to lead us to disaster?

Let me know if there is any sane country I can live and I will go there and join you.

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