”New World Religion”

I write and changed this post few times already. Can’t decide what should I write about as the situation is changing every day and my mind is galloping like a wild animal. Why am I even bothered what is going on around the world? The entire world gone mad and more I research the more I think that people stopped thinking. Yes we have a pandemic. Pandemic of people who lost their soul and mind following New World Religion.

When Poland then Germany and other countries ripped their chains tightened by communism 32 years ago I never thought I will witness similar situation again. I was thinking that at least it will not happen in my life. I can’t believe that the totalitarian state is created by only few figures and people can’t see it. They are minority and people follow them without question. It took less than 80 years after WWII to assassinate our freedom and I am shocked that people comply so easily. I would not be surprised if that would be in one, two, maybe three countries at the same time but worldwide?!?!

This is not what our parents and grandparents were fighting for!!

This is not what they were dying for!!

For me it looks like a sect/cult. Like very bad abusive relationship. People must be hypnotised somehow. Whatever they see or hear in mainstream media they comply without even thinking if it is lawful. Without asking. Without questioning. The politicians always use language and tactics which are designed to make people thinking that everything is lawful and right to do. However, it’s been almost two years now and if people are still thinking that tightening the loop around the neck is right then it’s time to wake up because soon it will be only worse. They are in abusive relationship. They have a Stockholm syndrome when even the most irrational idea is welcomed with open arms.

On the beginning of this mess I was scared as well but then when two weeks past, then two months, then lockdown, then wear mask – don’t wear mask, then get the vaccine, then the second they called jab, then booster, then another booster, now they start to name each variation. Nothing works but it doesn’t matter. You must comply! No question! If you ask you will be blocked or delated. When you question you will be diminished and called crazy anti-vax, anti-life, killer, conspiracy theorist. Geez…Really?! Don’t you see how bad is that relationship? I have seen a lot during these two years. I’ve seen stages from encouragement through propaganda to censorship, incentives, coercion, bribes (such as lottery, donuts or even having 30 minutes in brothel if people get vaccinated) and blackmailing (job lost) and now I am afraid to think what the next stage will be. In some countries they pay to people to get the jab, in others people are locked in and coerced.

There are already steps taken to mark unvaccinated people or those who are exemption from wearing masks. We know something about it already. It’s happened in the past already! Do you really think Holocaust happens during the war? No! It started about 10 years earlier. It was happening exactly the same way. The difference is, now it is progressing much faster because now the abusers have a tools for it. They have got a social media, mainstream media. These ones are the best tools to hypnotise crowds. And being honest the cheapest one. Nowadays the politicians don’t need to think about all these national marches, big events to show their power. They’ve got media they can manipulate so easily. In the past they have had a Propaganda Department. Now it is called PR.

I have to admit they are getting better and more effective with manipulation and coercion. They don’t need to even proof anything. And funny thing is they don’t even hide it. There are plenty of materials, documents and videos you can look at and build your own opinion about. The thing is when you start to talk the data and show these documents publicly you are called conspiracy theorist, facing so called fact checkers who by the way have no idea what is virology or even basic biology, or law and it had been proved in court they are just giving their opinions. Who they are that they dare to check the doctors, lawyers and other people having years of practice and education in their field? Who is checking them? Oh! nobody! They are paid by Fascistbook so they are doing what they are told. I remember when the Facebook started. It was great idea to connect people and it helped me to find friends I lost the contact with throughout the life. But now it should be called Fascistbook. But hey! They changed for Meta. It is very funny word because in Poland this word describes the doggy place for criminals you can buy alcohol, drugs and all sort of things you can’t buy legal way. In Italian it means pile of manure. In Hebrew means dead. The conclusion I will leave for you.

I know, I know I am biased but I just can’t believe what is going on. I am afraid that one day I will wake up and the half of population will vanished and the world will be worst place ever. Generally I am not anti-vaxer but the things going on around Covid and vaxine have nothing to do with health. Absolutely nothing! It looks like the virus is wonderful opportunity for those who feel they can decide about others life and push their agenda whatever it takes with no consequences. I hope they will pay one day for their sins.

Last week one my friend recommended to me reading the St. John Apocalypse and I was a bit sceptical about that. But you know? I can recommend that to you too. The parallel/metaphor to today’s world is just striking. You can listen it on You Tube if you don’t have time to read. I guess it is available in many languages. I found it in English and Polish. I am Christian but it was my first experience with that Revelation. I mean I heard it sometimes in church in the past but I could not understand it at that time. I think we need to grow up to understand some things in our life. We sometimes don’t understand what we are experiencing but there is always the point where everything starts to connect.

I assume in every religion there is a some sort of revelation which can fit current time. I recommend to go back to that text and really listen/read. Carefully. Few times. I listened it few times to understand it. Even if you don’t believe in God you can listen it out of curiosity. Maybe it will explain to you some questions you probably have.

If you have something to recommend to me I will appreciate it and I can assure you I will check it.

Stay safe and strong.

Just a few links I was looking at (this is just a small part but good to start):

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