WEF and Covid-19

Following my ongoing research what is happening around the world I went to the World Economic Forum page. There are plenty interesting documents and agendas. Digging around the files I found the statement in Global Governance section. (link below the statement)

”Global governance is a means to manage issues that cut across national borders – whether it is a pandemic, a financial crisis, climate change, or a geo-economic dispute. Though traditionally centred on diplomacy and international organizations, a wide variety of public and private actors now engage in cross-border governance. The work itself has expanded well beyond treaty-making to include formal and informal monitoring, standard-setting, enforcement, and financing. Effective governance is essential to secure peaceful, healthy, and prosperous societies, particularly now amid COVID-19, worsening ecological crises, mounting geopolitical tension, and growing nationalist backlash against globalization.

This briefing is based on the views of a wide range of experts from the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and is curated in partnership with Thomas Hale, Associate Professor in Public Policy (Global Public Policy), Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.”


Sounds great but I payed attention to the sentence I underlined. Isn’t it interesting and somehow contradicting what we can observe around the world now? The human rights broken by governments on everyday basis, diminishing scientists, doctors and any other person who dare to speak otherwise than One Right Narrative. People are dying for speaking out and they are not nobody like me or you. Their deaths are not explained. I will give two examples.

  1. Dr Thomas Jendges Head of Clinic in Germany ”committed suicide” because he did not agree with vaccination. He was saying it’s a genocide and behind the door bad practices were applied to hide that the new vaccine is killing people. You can find it here: https://stessnews.online/2021/11/17/germany-dr-thomas-jendges-head-of-clinic-commits-suicide-covid-19-vaccine-is-a-genocide/?fbclid=IwAR2j-qOBtpvXoSN6TqRWIYyUalfIo8ixZPhFbwWIKScESxOwdGBP2sPtyGc

Of course it was checked by ”fact checker” https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2021/11/fact-check-head-of-german-hospital-who-committed-suicide-did-not-say-covid-19-vaccine-is-a-genocide.html who said: ”No, that’s not true: Online publications reported unsubstantiated claims of a suicide note from the physician that said those things, but the claims were dismissed by German authorities, who investigated the death, and by municipal officials.”

Check who is this checker: ”Ed Payne is a writer and fact-checker at Lead Stories. He is an Emmy Award-winning journalist as part of CNN’s coverage of 9/11. Ed worked at CNN for nearly 24 years with the CNN Radio Network and CNN Digital. Most recently, he was a Digital Senior Producer for Gray Television’s Digital Content Center, the company’s digital news hub for 100+ TV stations. Ed also worked as a writer and editor for WebMD. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, Ed is the author of two children’s book series: “The Daily Rounds of a Hound” and “Vail’s Tales.”  Impressive but isn’t is the same CNN connected to World Economic Forum?

Now who are these German Authorities? The one I know is Angela Merkel who is connected to WEF and The Global Leaders for Tomorrow school established by Klaus Schwab in 1992, re-established in 2004 to Young Global Leaders. The same who is pushing hard the vaccination and draconian rules on people. Start research here: https://rairfoundation.com/exposed-klaus-schwabs-school-for-covid-dictators-plan-for-great-reset-videos/

2. The scientist Dr. Andreas Noack Germany who was beaten up to dead less than a week after he released his video about graphene oxide. You will find videos and more info on this page https://seemorerocks.is/has-a-german-whistleblower-doctor-been-murdered/ (there as well is a video with the last msg from Dr Thomas Jendges). It looks like the fascism came back with its essence. Of course he is shown as a crazy conspiracy theorist. You can have a look into his channel on YT #unitedpiranhas. Maybe there are crazy ideas but you know I personally think the more you learn the more these thesis appear like not crazy at all. They make perfect sens.

Few years ago I would not be interested in events happenings around the world but frankly since I started my Bachelor in Graphic Design/Communication while digging into the projects and research plenty of materials I am finding more and more proofs that all this Great Reset agenda is the only conspiracy theory committed by governments, corporations and some people who have enough money and sources to push it. Even Klaus Schab looks like just a puppet in someone else’s hands. He could not to do all these things on his own. And now all this Great Reset is slowly falling apart. All these actors of the big scene who are pushing this vaccine agenda which is probably just a tool for global bio-ID. This is WEF agenda. Control entire population. Just go to their website and search yourself plenty of documents and when you will sign up you will discover much more.

I will give you few links to start.

World Economic Forum reports. All PDF https://www.weforum.org/reports

Event 201. Very carefully watch and listen the videos. The Event took place in October 2019 just before the ”pandemic” https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/videos.html

Clade X events in 2018. https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/events/2018_clade_x_exercise/about-clade-x You can find videos on YT. There are 4 segments.

Segment 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ1x8SlNxj0 Segment 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4xiQHv4Y20&t=4s Segment 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeRAb5JE1Pw&t=2115s Segment 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqa7NHq73xM&t=1s

I am aware these may be just exercises to get prepared for pandemic outbreak globally however, when listen carefully it makes me question if this was set on purpose for the bigger agenda which we can observe now in every country around the world in exactly the same pace. The way they were planning everything, the progression in analysis and now all the governments, mainstream media and main social media following step by step everything exactly like was planned ignoring the doctors, scientists, whistle-blowers and every person who risks their career and sometimes life to expose all the false information we are being fed every day in media. There are documents outside from FDA, CDC, Pfizer and other institutions and universities with all data proving that the vaccination is not what suppose to be, the vaccines deaths are falsely signed and counted as Covid deaths.

Why all these documents are ignored? Why all these people’s statements are ignored and aggressively dismissed by media and governments? Why all the data from Afrika and Asia are ignored which are saying the virus is not as deadly as they thought? Why the voices of independent virologists are ignored when they were warning that vaccinating people during pandemia is the worst what they can do and that’s why we have a pandemia of vaccinated people dying not only from virus but from the vaccine itself? Why the draconian measures are taken? Why people are loosing their jobs if they don’t want to take this experimental gene therapy? Why people are locked in camps if they don’t want to take it? Why all the deaths and side effects are ignored? Why the war tactics are applied on population? Suddenly VAERS is not reliable and their reports are not included when for all the last few decades it was the best source of vaccines measurement.

Why in Greece people over 60 y.o. have to pay 100 Euros monthly if they don’t want to be jabbed? The government want to kill them or what? Why in Austria people have to pay 3600 Euros at 1st warning, double in 2nd warning or jail if you will not pay? Why Australian indigenous people are locked in camps? Why people are locked in camps in Canada? Why people are deprived of social life?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

This is nothing about health! This is about compliance and obedience! It was never happened on this scale before. This is unprecedented and we can’t just comply. The police instead of chasing criminals they are chasing people without masks. The courts are busy with cases from people who are loosing jobs or don’t want to wear masks, or be jabbed instead of taking care to judge the criminals. Oh! Of course! Now people who fight for their rights are criminals! Of course there was a WWII and I wonder if people really forgot it. I can imagine these people who orchestrate this Great Reset they have a sources and money and they have got the best psychologists and people in different areas to workout how to make people obey and being hostile towards those who doesn’t want to participate in this horrible unlawful madness. Fourth Industrial Revolution / Four Reich / is coming. I still can’t believe this is actually happening this way!!

Stay safe and together.

Here are more links you can find useful.




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