What’s next?!

Pic: M. Nikodem, Duxford Museum 2019

Honestly, I just can’t follow all those bullocks anymore. For me it looks like all the propaganda is falling. Everything is more and more visible. The ‘elites’ not hiding it anymore. Those buffons are so self-assured, ignorant, arrogant and so proud of their plans they don’t even see that people actually hate them.

They first fed us with the fake scamdemic, fake shtcheckers (I will call them that because they do not deserve the proper name), then fake war which now is pushed to the real one because people are pissed off of fake energy crisis and fake green agenda. Everything is so fake that I can’t even express enough the fact that they admit that everything is fake. People just don’t want to see it. The buffons done the job of society brainwashing very well. Social engineering is a very powerful knowledge. They divided people so well that it is so hard to rebuild many relationships not only between friends but families too. I hate them for this! Now they are pushing for nuclear war using Ukrainian puppets. I actually feel sorry for Ukrainians and Russians that they are dragged into it despite of the Putin’s effort to not attack with full impact. However, I am affraid that the american government/NATO will push Putin to the edge and we will be wiped out of the earth while the so called ‘elite’ will hide for years in the underground safe places they were preparing for years for themselves.

Being honest the years we were locked up in the houses with an internet openned mine and many others eyes what’s really going on around. The ‘elite’ in their own ignorance didn’t consider that locking people with internet for over two years will actually make them more aware what’s prepared for us, little bread eaters. Oops pardon! the useless eaters like Klaus Shwab like to call us. I really recommend to read his book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’. This will open your eyes what those arrogant rullers really think about us. Do they really think we are going to eat bugs? I hope they will chocked themselves with those bugs!

My only hope is that more people will see what it’s comming. Nothing good I can assure you. I grew up under communism and the only thing I can tell what is comming it’s worse than communism. Why? Because now they have got a technology to make everybody a slave. Digital tokens and fake crisis it’s a way to enslave us. I call it tokens because it won’t be money. It won’t be physical. All those bitcoins and other digital payment methods is something I don’t trust at all. And nobody should trust it. I know it’s comfortable but I am a pro choice. I want to have a choice with payments. If I want to pay a digital it’s fine but I want to have a physical cash too. Why? Because I like to make exchange of no one knowing about it. Not that I am criminal, I am not but I like to give cash for birthday, for a wedding, keep it in my piggy bank, pay for small work to someone who will walk my dog when I am ill, mow my grass when I am tired, or just simply pay for some shopping in the farm shop. Please keep the cash and do not let rid it off! Maybe I am old but I can see a danger in the steps taken by the so called ‘elites’. Sorry I really can’t call them that without apostrophe as they are so fake and they makes me so angry!

This time I am not giving any links as all the facts are widely available on many platforms as well as on the oficial WEF, EU, ONZ, WHO and governments websides and I don’t want to flood my page with that shite.

Rant is over!

I just hope that we will survive this crazy time with those crazy and sick people in power.

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