About Me

Malgorzata Nikodem

I should introduce myself here. I must tell I am not the best in introducing myself.

I am a student of Graphic Communication and part time worker balancing few part-time jobs and studying to pay my bills and gaining degree at the same time. It is allowing me to look into life on different angles and I feel it would be great to share my experience. My hope is that it will help you and myself to understand today’s crazy world we are living in and instantly grow up. I like photography and beautiful things around. I like to travel and learn new things by experience and talking to people.

When I was young, we were saying that we are living in ‘interesting’ time as me and my friends grew up under communism and witnessed the collapse of this system on many levels of our lives. However, I must admit that now young people live in even more ‘interesting’ time, and they have to find non-traditional way to live in today’s hyperactive world.

I would like to share my life and educational experience and some of my work I am doing during my degree. Some of you may find it interesting or boring; some of you can say it is utter rubbish, but others would love it. I hope you will share your thoughts about my work which can help me to grow and look into details I may not considered or missed. Nobody is perfect.

I decided to call my page ‘diary’ because I still don’t know and can’t decide what to share and due to my ADHD, I can’t be committed into one subject only. It is always something it will distract me, and I always find many other interesting things during my life, education, and work. Even while watching movie, I can’t just watch. I often make some notes to search things later or start doing it straight away on my phone. It can be tiring and exhausting but I just can’t help myself not doing it.

I do not watch TV and Mainstream Media even in my own language. English is my second language and Polish is native and just got fed-up that in both English and Polish TV I couldn’t find any interesting educational or valuable programs. I started to have an impression they are full of commercials and propaganda so, I decided to give up them. Being honest I don’t even have too much time to watch TV due my lifestyle full of work and full-time education.

I hope you will enjoy reading and please remember I am still learning how to navigate it.